Who are Reed Strategic Growth Business? 

The Talent Acquisition team met up with Chris Adcock (Senior Divisional Director) to find out what all the noise is about Reed Strategic Growth… And what’s with all the Lego!?
  reed strategic growth

 Building a brand, the fun behind the challenge…

 As part of REED’s strategy we’ve created a new group of businesses called the Strategic Growth Business (SGB). Apart from having a great name the Strategic Growth Business is a really important part or REED’s plans for the future. It’s made up of four brands; Reed HR, Reed Procurement and Supply Chain, Reed Marketing and Creative and Reed Retail. The idea is that these four business units are prime for growth.

“Can we do it differently? Can we do it better?”

 You’ll hear the two above questions asked in any management meeting we have in the SGB – (the abbreviation doesn’t really sound as good I know). Our aim as a leadership team is to grow brand recognition for all our business units and for it to lead to increased income and profit. The best way I see us achieving this is by questioning the norm and trying to do things with an element of fun and plenty of outside the box thinking. If “We’ve always done it that way” are the five most expensive words in business then to me “Can we do it differently” are the five most exciting words in business.

You may have seen on social media that we recently held our official launch, this was a huge success in getting together Co-Members from across the SGB to share ideas, develop plans and celebrate our existing successes. We get plenty of people asking us questions about what we’re doing purely because they’re curious. Whether it’s why I have a massive box of Lego on my desk or what the film crew are doing in the boardroom they’re intrigued – I’m sure you’re already trying to guess the answer to both!

reed strategic growth leadership team

We are in the process of launching two exciting marketing campaigns, keep your eyes peeled to LinkedIn, to find out more.

There’s one last question that we tend to sneak in at the end of our discussions and its part of our goal to stay up to date – “Can it be done with video”. From new starter introductions through to announcing incentive winners we plan to use digital mediums to help cement our internal and external brands.

Building and growing these four brands is always going to be hard work but by coming at problems from a different angle and trying to have some fun in the process the future of these businesses is definitely going to be exciting.

We are recruiting nationally across all four of our specialisms as we continue to grow our brand and market presence. If you can see yourself as part of a division full of innovation and driven to succeed then contact the Talent Acquisition team today.

Oh and the Lego……well we did say we like to have fun!


Make sure to explore our current vacancies at REED and apply today!

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Posted On: February 27, 2018
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