Matt Heather – Head of Talent Acquisition for Reed Specialist Recruitment and Reed Online (

There are certain times in your career when you will have the opportunity to get involved with really exciting projects and focuses. Working at REED has meant that I am lucky enough to have been presented with a number of these. As I write this, we are in the final stages of building a new careers site and this project has been just one of those exciting ventures.

Our previous careers site was merely functional and not very exciting. We were really missing a trick by not promoting just why a career in Reed Specialist Recruitment (RSR) is something of a big deal and definitely worthwhile, in the right way. So a new site was needed, to show exactly why the REED brand is one to be associated with and something I know I could send someone to and they would learn more about working for us. I want people who are interested in working for RSR to get a proper sense of us and why we are the right choice.

There are plenty of jobs out there and some are more rewarding than others, so it’s important that people know why they will be part of something at REED. We recognise that there are so many clichés about being a ‘people business’ etc. but they’re only clichés because they’re true. Having worked for REED for 18 years, I can hand on heart advocate that the people do make a difference in this company; I hear from ex-colleagues that the people in their new company aren’t quite as fun and sociable as they are at REED. We sometimes welcome some of those leavers back… but not always!

Let me tell you a little bit about the site…

  • First and foremost, we want people to be able to find the right job and be able to apply quickly. The job search function and finding where to search and apply are very obvious and can be found in the Jobs menu (that’s really the main point of the site).
  • Secondly, we wanted to be able to show that there are lots of different career opportunities across our business and give an insight into these with photos, videos and testimonials and this is found in the Career Opportunities
  • Thirdly, we wanted to tell a bit more about RSR and what we stand for. Yes, we provide recruitment services, but as the world’s largest family-owned recruitment company, we are so much more than that and Life At REED aims to show you some of that, along with an outline of the Rewards we offer.
  • Finally, we wanted to be able to share some of the things that are happening right now; in the REED all about it section, we aim to produce articles, industry news and successes across REED. All of this supports why RSR is the place to build a career.

Now that we’ve gone live, we intend to keep developing and updating the site to ensure it remains relevant and reflective of any exciting changes in RSR.  One thing’s for sure, we don’t like to stand still at REED and James Reed, our Chairman, has already declared that he’s starting February, as he did 21 years ago, when he first became Chief Executive of REED.  He will be meeting all of our MDs across the family of companies and undertaking “an intense induction” based on their recommendations.  As such, we will also take stock to ensure that we make the most of this new site to deliver informative and useful messages to our job seeking audience and make it a web destination to be proud of.