James Reed

James Reed is the Chairman of REED – the UK’s best-known recruitment brand and the largest family-owned recruitment company in the world.

REED was founded in 1960 by James’s father, Sir Alec Reed, and is now a global recruitment company, with more than 3,000 employees working in 140 locations.

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There are three things that I would like you to know about REED:

  1. We are a British family business
  2. We care passionately about the work that we do
  3. Our values mean everything to us

Our brand message is simple: “Love Mondays.”  At the heart of this message is our firmly held belief that everyone should be able to find fulfilling work.  We are here to help people do just that.  We change people’s lives, every time that we place someone into a new role.  And we change organisations too, by enabling them to recruit new talent and to innovate and grow.  To me, this work is a privilege.  Recruitment is not just a job, it’s a vocation.

Our business values are the same as our family values:

We are fair, open and honest – We take ownership – We work together

I like to say “Our values, your values; our future, your future.”  If you share these values, then we have the possibility of a great future working together.

At REED we want to create opportunities and we want people to join us who will make the most of those opportunities.  We want our company to learn and grow and we want you to as well.

Since Alec Reed opened the first REED office in Hounslow in 1960, REED has grown organically through innovation and service to become the largest family run recruitment company in the world.  But we’ve barely scratched the surface. There are so many more people to reach and companies to serve.

If you have passion and ambition and share the REED values you should consider joining our family.

James Reed

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